Day Two: Time for a Run?

21 Feb


On Wednesday’s, my workout partner and I have a pretty solid routine. Run, shower, smoothies, bible study. Emphasis on the smoothies. And the run is just a straight run. No fancy intervals or training; just run. Last week on our run we found that the gate to the local high school track that we pass is open. Not sure if it’s supposed to be, but nonetheless, we used it for our run today; that’s me in the little neon shorts. It’s not the most scenic route but the distance was accurate and we were able to go different paces without loosing eachother on the trail. The weather was great, not the usual Florida humidity and there was a little breeze. Got a solid 2 miles in and then some sprints and then lunges. Lots of lunges.

All in all, a good work out and another solid day of following my nutrition routine.


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