I like to surf the internet (probably too much) and learn as much as I can from as many sources as I can about fitness and nutrition and look at cat pictures.Nap-Time-Wallpaper-cats-28363010-1280-1024 I discovered Pinterest recently, yes I know, I am way behind and I also thought it was Pintrest for the longest time. Anyways, I have finally caught up with my generation and I am completely blown away by the amount of resources there are about pretty much anything, which, ironically, makes things harder to find. When Google gives to 405 million results for your search ‘Healthy Recipes’ (it’s true, try it), it can be a bit intimidating. When I finally come across something that is really great, I do a little dance a my desk and bookmark that asap. But this takes time, many hours of research just to get a few good things and ain’t nobody got time for that. Then I discovered the power of the blog. Which I also learned is short for weblog, web-log, who knew right? Probably everyone, since I have apparently been living in a cave for the past 10 years. A website made by regular people compiling information about any given topic? Sign me up. Actually, I haven’t quite figured that my blog feed, so don’t sign me up yet. Bananas, ukulele, puppies…just checking to see if you’re reading…. ANYWAYS what I am trying to say is that I have started this whole shenanigan so that I can compile the things that I have learned, update you on my healthy living progress, and maybe inspire some people to do the same.

As a quick disclaimer, there are a lot of things that I am (most of them I haven’t figured out yet), but I am certainly not a personal trainer or a dietician or a writer for that matter. So bear with me. Is is bare or bear?

On a more serious note, I have had some struggles in the past with weight and exercise and eating a balanced diet, some more serious than others, and what I think I have taken from those struggles is that there is no perfect or magical way to be healthy. There are thousands of combinations and permutations of diets and workouts and supplements and no matter what the internet says not one of them is perfect. And that may be a bit naïve considering I am not a personal trainer or dietician, but since most of the population isn’t either, it’s a pretty fair conclusion. Essentially what I am saying is that you can’t Google ‘the best diet’ (which gives you 503 million results btw), click the first link, and be done. It’s a continual learning process; learning from others, learning about yourself and sometimes failing.

Hopefully this can be an outlet for me (or maybe I’m just being vain) and a resource for you and we can all be happy and healthy!

PS: If I haven’t already mentioned this, I am not a professional, in anything really, so please let me know if you have suggestions or if I am wrong about something, lay it on me, I can take it (or you could be gentle too)


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