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Day Two: Time for a Run?

21 Feb


On Wednesday’s, my workout partner and I have a pretty solid routine. Run, shower, smoothies, bible study. Emphasis on the smoothies. And the run is just a straight run. No fancy intervals or training; just run. Last week on our run we found that the gate to the local high school track that we pass is open. Not sure if it’s supposed to be, but nonetheless, we used it for our run today; that’s me in the little neon shorts. It’s not the most scenic route but the distance was accurate and we were able to go different paces without loosing eachother on the trail. The weather was great, not the usual Florida humidity and there was a little breeze. Got a solid 2 miles in and then some sprints and then lunges. Lots of lunges.

All in all, a good work out and another solid day of following my nutrition routine.


Day One: Again

19 Feb

I’ve probably had 10 ‘day one’s’ of a diet or exercise routine and what better way to commence my blog than with the 11th. For real though, this one of the main reasons for the existance of this blog; to keep me accountable while I work on keeping up a healthy lifestyle. So here it goes.

I started the day (the crack of dawn to be exact) with some intervals at the gym with my partner in crime/workout buddy/friend/nutrition enthuisast/personal motivator. We use the treadmill nowadays but doing them outside on a trail is just as good or better. There a bunch of great, free apps out there for interval training so you don’t have to awkwardly watch the clock for each interval. We use one that looks like this——————————————–> photo

This was today’s workout:

5 minute warm up walking at a 4.0

10 sets of 30 seconds high interval and 45 seconds low interval

First 5 sets at 8.5 high interval and 4.0 low interval and second 5 at 9.0 and 4.0 respectively

5 minute cool down at a 4.0

Some extra walking at a 4.0 speed and 4.0 incline

We finished up with some stretching and then hit the showers before we both had to go to work.


Overall, a great day. Although waking up before the sun is not usually on the top of my list of favorite things, I am much more awake and energized after I’ve woken up and worked out. This was the first day of my new ‘diet’ plan. I hesitate to call it a diet because that word has so many connotations that I don’t paticularly want to associate with what I am doing but, such is life. I will post more about that diet soon.

Thanks for reading,

Au Revoir


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