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I briefly went over some of the ways you can utilize this website in one of my nutrition posts, but it’s really best to just poke around and see how to make it work for you. You may use all the resources or just one of them, either way, it’s very useful.

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I love this website. It has so many great articles from nutrition to fitness to motivation. I get kind of a fuzzy feeling when I am on this website, it makes me feel good about what I’m doing and where I’m at. A lot of the content is user based so it’s less intimidating than a lot of fitness websites that make you feel inadequate.

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This is obviously a branch of the SparkPeople website and it is just as useful. Similarly, it is mostly user based so the recipes are pretty easy and family friendly. Sometimes when I am researching recipes by professional chefs and nutritionists I get a little overwhelmed at the type of ingredients and time commitment to one recipe. It’s ok sometimes to try something completely new, but most of the time I need something that I can whip together with whatever I have in the pantry and this website does the trick.

Healthy Recipes and Recipe Calculator From SparkRecipes

Runners World:

I also have mentioned this site before and for good reason; it’s pretty awesome. Personally I like it because running is my main focus right now but it has a pretty large audience because it is for all level of runners. There are great articles by professionals and training plans for any level; whether you just want to get of the couch or run a marathon, there is a training plan for that.

Runner’s World Marathon Training, Running Shoe Reviews  Runner's World & Runni_2013-02-21_11-33-26


This is a great website simlar to Sparkpeople. Tons of articles, tons of motivation and I repin their stuff like everyday. It’s worth checking out.

The Greatist


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